We are open to delivery within a radius of 10 km from Shops to test the service. It will be applied to all the postcodes in this area. How when customer put their postcode in the form in this area, these postcodes will be accepted if not in this area, it will be rejected to order.

We’re currently unable to deliver to waterlocked locations such as Scotland Island.

If in doubt about your eligibility, please email:

How much does it cost and why?

Our delivery service fee varies depending on the size of your order, how small your delivery window is and how frequently you shop. This service fee covers a small part of:

Website & customer service – maintaining the range and prices online, calling you if we’re out of stock.
Staff – shopping for a large shop takes time and our personal shoppers take care to pick the best fruit and veg in store.
Courier costs – we’re offering 1-hour delivery windows and our couriers require higher fees to meet this service.

When do we do deliveries and what time?

We are delivering 3 times a week from 9 AM to 11 AM on Wed, Fri & Sat.
We stop receiving the order at 6 pm the day before the order day. For example. After 6 Pm on Tue, we close all the orders for Wednesday delivery. And the same for Fr and Sat.

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Den’s Butchery is Australia’s premier butcher shop. We do deliveries and Pick ups at our local store.

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For more info about events and export possibilities, email us directly.

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We are located at the Preston Market in Melbourne, Australia

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